Thursday, June 2, 2011

How much to repair Her truck?

My daughter has a 2000, F 250 Ford Power stroke V8. How much should it cost to replace all the fuel injectors. She was told that there are 8 O-Rings per injector and just to change them would be a little over a full days work and a $1,000,00..8 O-rings per injector doesn't sound right to me, that's why I'm asking. This truck is a crew cab and is red. She calls it the big red *****.How much to repair Her truck?
a thousand dollars would be cheap to have all the injectors replaced. the injectors are about $100.00 each and it does take about 7 hours to change them that means they are charging you $200.00 for labor. thats cheapHow much to repair Her truck?
I don't know how many o rings are on each injector but they should come with the injectors. I don't buy into the whole it takes a day bullcrap but the 1,000 dollars doesn't suprise me. I would look into some aftermarket injectors. they'll probably be cheaper than ford and she could actually go up a size or two and have more power