Thursday, June 2, 2011

Does anybody else have any problems with a 05 Dodge Stratus?

Im having horible luck with my car %26amp; it only 2 yrs old!

I still owe 11 grand on it %26amp; it seems like my car is giving up on me.

I still have a warranty on it but everything that is wrong with it is not covered under it.

I have bad fuel injectors (happens to be covered under warranty but with stipluations)

I have an emissions leak? (was told i have a leak in exhaust manifold)

* about the fuel injectors *

I have had them changed almost 4 times! All of them. I could understand it if it was just a few here %26amp; there, but all of them? 4 times?

This is an 05 Dodge Stratus, people. WTF?

Im ashamed to say how much money I have put into getting this car fixed only to have it broke. Again. %26amp; Again. %26amp; Again.

Im going broke %26amp; this car is my livelyhood. I cant go to work if I dont have it. I cant get my son if I dont have it. I cant do ANYTHING!!!


This has all been happening since April.

Please.. Would someone help me.

With anything.Does anybody else have any problems with a 05 Dodge Stratus?
Take it to another dealer and have them check it over. Early 2.4L Stratus's did have a lot of cracked exhaust manifolds, but not so much any longer.

I'd also question why so many injectors. While they can give problems, it sounds like your dealer isn't properly addresing the problem. If less than 36,000 miles and two years old, you shouldn't have had to spend anything getting it repaired, unless you modified the engine somehow. Your Stratus has a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty on it, with some emissions components covered up to 8 years/80,000 miles.

Call 1-800-992-1997 to speak with Chrysler Customer Service. (USA only) and explain what is happening.Does anybody else have any problems with a 05 Dodge Stratus?
it sounds like youre getting ripped off because after the spark plugs had to be replaced the second time the technician should have fixed what was causing the injectors to go bad instead of just replacing the again and again. good luck.