Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to change the fuel injectors on a 1995 Ford Ranger 2.3 4Cyl?

I want to change these. WHat do I need to do and what gasket set do I need? Thanks.How to change the fuel injectors on a 1995 Ford Ranger 2.3 4Cyl?
Actually quite easy: The injectors are held onto the engine only by the fuel rail, with like 2 screws holding the rail. Remove the screws, then GENTLY wiggle %26amp; pull the rail off the engine. The injectors might stay in the engine, or may come off with the rail. Each injector has two different O-rings, one on each end, and a small electric plug. Remove the plug and again wiggle %26amp; twist the injector free of the engine or the rail... The two O-rings are the only thing keeping the injectors in. Make sure the new injectors have new O-rings already on them, or swap from a take-out injector, and pop the injectors back into the engine. Then all that's left is the electric plugs %26amp; the fuel rails. Not a bad idea to put just a small touch of light oil or grease on the O-rings; I use wheel bearing grease.

FORGOT: There's a fitting on the fuel rail, like a bicycle tire air valve. Put a rag over the fitting and carefully push the tip, like letting air out of a bicycle tire. This will vent any pressurized gas still in the fuel rail.