Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to change fuel injector 2000 Grand Cherokee Laredo?

Hi guys,

Well my car started shaking and it felt like it was going to stall but it didnt.. I brought it to a mechanic and he said that its my 1 fuel injector need to be replaced and hes charging me $320 for Parts and Labor..Im wondering if thers any Free link or anything that tells u %26quot;How To%26quot; or DIY meaning Do it yourself? or anything that shows where the injector location? I already bought the part that i needed just need to install it and im not planning to spend that much just to fix 1 small thing.. Ive asked around and they said its easy so pls can anyone help

thanks for all the help guysHow to change fuel injector 2000 Grand Cherokee Laredo?
First your going to need to crawl under that jeep while its running and disconnect the fuel pump, need to do this to minimize the possibility

of a fuel fire.

next you are going to remove the 13mm bolts holding the fuel rail,

Do not remove the fuel rail! What your going to do is raise up the rail, just enough to pull the 1 injector from the rail (should only need to raise about 1 inch from injector housing/hole) then remove the old Injector.

Now liberally lube (petroleum jelly) the Injector seal and snap it back into the fuel rail, then push rail down to seat injector into the intake, bolt down the rail, then re-plug your fuel pump, turn your Ign.. key to the %26quot;run%26quot; position for 10 seconds (wait 30 seconds between cycles) at least twice, this will pressurize the rail. Check for any leaks(do not start yet). OK now its time to start, check for leaks again, if no leaks re-torque rail and go.

Hope this helps