Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How do i know if my fuel injectors need cleaning?

went in for an oil change and the guy tried to crank my car. wouldnt start right off; which is something that normally happens. he said i need fuel injectors cleaned, i told him it should crank right up if you try it again. he tried it and it cranked right up.

he was talking fast, and it seemed like he was trying to make an extra 60 dollars for precision auto. i DO notice that when i have my AC on, the car experiences a lack of power, general rough idle, and even hesitation when i step on the throttle. that is until the car's motor reaches proper operating temp....

so do i need a fuel injector cleaning/replacement, or is my symptoms attributed to something like a bad fast idle thermo valve sensor

car is 93 accord with 140k miles.How do i know if my fuel injectors need cleaning?
When the A/C is on it takes power to turn the compressor.

The lack of power is because and hesitation is because the car has very little power to begin with and when you have something else to power you just don't have enough to do it.How do i know if my fuel injectors need cleaning?
All the quick lube places try this tactic to make more money. If you do proper maintenance by changing your fuel filter when recommended, you don't need to worry. I know some here will recommend some brand of injector cleaner, but I have never needed it. Most all brands cause more problems than they cure.