Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How can I clean my 2002 Ford Focus's engine?

I just bought a 2002 Ford Focus and the engine is all dirty. I am thinking of pressure washing it when the engine is cold. Is this a good idea?

Also, my engine hesitates when it is not warmed up. What should I do? I plan to change the spark plugs, change the air filter, add fuel injector cleaner to the gas, and maybe change the fuel filter. Will this solve my problem?

Also, my automatic transmission slips when I am between gears. For example, first gear works fine, but it slips before going into second gear (I can press on the gas, and the transmission doesn't engage right away- the engine just revs up). Is this an electrical problem?How can I clean my 2002 Ford Focus%26039;s engine?
Why would you buy a vehicle with all of these problems without buying an extended warranty????? To clean the engine, You need to buy an engine cleaner at a parts store. Just make sure the vehicle is running when you spray it down with water!How can I clean my 2002 Ford Focus%26039;s engine?
You can pressure wash it - be careful not to spray directly on electrical components and stuff. I tend to just let my engine look nasty, since it has zero effect on the way it runs.

Alternately you could spray it off with some engine cleaner and wipe it off (probably suggestable - since you can seriously damage stuff with the pressure washer if you aren't careful).

Your maintanance ideas all sound like they should help out, if not, you might want to see if you can find someone with a compression tester, to make sure that your valves are all seating correctly, and the piston rings aren't shot. If it runs okay when it is warm, then everything is probably ok.

The transmission is kind of worrying - make sure it has enough transmission fluid. If it keeps doing it, then you might want to take it to someone to flush the transmission, replace the filter, and put fresh fluid in it. If it still keeps doing it, then you will probably need to find someone who can repair/rebuild it. Expect to pay way too much money - shop around for some quotes, and make sure to find someone reliable and reasonable. If you aren't sure about it, see if anyone you know can recommend someone, or can help you to choose a mechanic.

Good luck!!How can I clean my 2002 Ford Focus%26039;s engine?
warm your engine up...spray it with GUNK degreaser... power wash... the tuneup parts you listed should take care of your hesitation problem...the trans is more serious...and it will get worse if you don't have it looked could be as easy as a vacuum control valve ...a trans filter or low on fluid....or it could be much more complicated.How can I clean my 2002 Ford Focus%26039;s engine?
I have washed many engines, with varying results. Using Gunk engine cleaner, it came clean but every light on the dash came on and stayed on for days until it finally dried ? This on a newer Caddy. My old Chevy with points, carb etc had no ill effects. Others skipped and knocked until fully dry. NO pressure washing ! As for tranny problems, any good auto parts place has a myriad of things to correct this. I've used them successfully twice out of 2 tries.How can I clean my 2002 Ford Focus%26039;s engine?
OK, firstly, cleaning an engine is easy, but don't pressure wash it whatever you do.

Just get some cling film and wrap up any electrical items that aren't covered particulalry well.

Then, spray a load of GUNK (it's a degreaser available from auto shops, or you can use Autoglym's MACHINE CLEANER, or even MUC OFF) and agitate it with a stiff brush, radiator brushes are ideal as they have good lonf handles for easy reach.

Then just rinse off with a normal hose pipe. Run the engine to dry everything off, and then give all the plastic and rubber components a liberal spray with a rubber protector, back to black for instance.

If the car is due a good service with plugs and filters, that will sort your hesitating out 9 times out 10. Poor plugs and gapping are the normal cause.

As for slipping, hmm, fords CVT box is a bit of a dog, there will always be what seems like slipping with an Auto box, and upshifts aren't instantaneous when you plant your foot in any auto. Which is why sports cars very rarely have auto boxes.
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